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Redbrick Gingerbread

3D Church Cookie Cutters | 3 Piece Kit

3D Church Cookie Cutters | 3 Piece Kit

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Add a touch of spice to your gingerbread village with our charming Church kit. Picture-perfect and ready to be decorated, this sweet addition will elevate your holiday baking to divine levels.

Designed and Made in Melbourne, Australia 🦘

Church Dimensions
Face Width 83mm
Face Height 105mm
Wall Width 85mm
Wall Height 48mm
Roof Width 85mm
Roof Height 60mm
Recommended Gingerbread Thickness 5mm
Finished Product Size 100mm x 105mm x 90mm


Additional value: Each kit contains exclusive Redbrick Gingerbread Recipe. Designed and developed by the creators of Redbrick Gingerbread to show you exactly how to prepare gingerbread to build epic gingerbread constructions.

Sturdier than a regular cookie cutter, our Dual Action Gingerbread Cutters are not only fun to use but also safe for little hands. Flip the cutter over, and texture your pieces effortlessly – it's as easy as pressing a cookie! Create stunning designs with textured details right on your gingerbread, leaving your friends and family in awe. This kit is built to impress, ensuring your gingerbread creation steals the spotlight as it rightfully should this year.

Built to impress. Your gingerbread creation will be the centre of attention this year – as it should be.

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