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Redbrick Gingerbread

3D Precision House Cookie Cutters | 3 Piece Kit

3D Precision House Cookie Cutters | 3 Piece Kit

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Say goodbye to gaps and hello to perfection with our Precision House gingerbread kit. Equipped with cutters that flawlessly shape the dough at the correct angle, this precision build will have your gingerbread house looking flawless and magazine worthy.

Kit includes:

  • Precision Face
  • Precision Wall with 45° precision angle
  • Precision Roof with 45° precision angle
  • 4x plastic corner holders
  • Rolling pin guides


Designed and Made in Melbourne, Australia 🦘

Precision House Dimensions
Face Width 80mm
Face Height 90mm
Wall Width 80mm
Wall Height 55mm
Roof Width 100mm
Roof Height 67mm
Recommended Gingerbread Thickness 5mm
Finished Product Dimensions 100mm x 100mm x 100mm


Additional value: Each kit contains exclusive Redbrick Gingerbread Recipe card and each purchase gives you instant access to Redbrick Exclusive Cooking Videos. Designed and developed by the creators of Redbrick Gingerbread to show you exactly how to prepare gingerbread to build epic gingerbread constructions.

Built to impress. Your gingerbread creation will be the centre of attention this year – as it should be.

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