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Redbrick Gingerbread

3D Saturn V Cookie Cutters | 12 Piece Kit

3D Saturn V Cookie Cutters | 12 Piece Kit

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Calling all space enthusiasts! The Saturn V gingerbread kit is truly out-of-this-world. But beware – building this impressive rocket requires an expert touch, making it a challenge perfect for aspiring gingerbread engineers (not suitable for children under 10).

Designed and Made in Melbourne, Australia 🦘

Saturn Dimensions
LES Cutter Width 7mm
LES Cutter Height 32mm
Capsule / Payload Diameter 27mm
Small Body Cutter Width 18mm
Small Body Cutter Height 87mm
Small Interstage Cutter Width 17mm
Small Interstage Cutter Height 27mm
Small Baseplate Diameter 50mm
Large Body Cutter Width 28mm
Large Body Cutter Height 190mm
Large Interstage Cutter Width 23mm
Large interstage cutter height 43mm
Large Baseplate Diameter 75mm
Fin Cutter Width 42mm
Fin Cutter Height 32mm
Engine High Cutter Diameter 17mm
Engine Low Cutter Diameter 22mm
Recommended Gingerbread Thickness 3-5mm
Finished Product Dimensions 165mm (Fin to Fin) x 600mm (Height) Roughly 1:185 scale


Additional value:Β Each kit contains exclusive Redbrick Gingerbread Recipe card and each purchase gives you instant access to Redbrick Exclusive Cooking Videos. Designed and developed by the creators of Redbrick Gingerbread to show you exactly how to prepare gingerbread to build epic gingerbread constructions.

Built to impress. Your gingerbread creation will be the centre of attention this year – as it should be.

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